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Power is something you take responsibility for, something you are blessed with, something you are cursed with, power is something you cherish, and something you abuse.

Thirty years ago, it was most certainly abused…

That’s how long it has been since the Burden Coupe, the largest scale war mankind has ever endured. It wasn’t about land, or religion. It was simply one side, versus the other. One side won.

The Orphans takes place in a Dystopian World of Super Heroes and Villains alike, with Fantasy Elements. A world shaped by the choices of The Orphans, the previous generation of Super Heroes forced to lead the ravaged survivors of a war gone out of control, brutally put to an end by the one those deemed a hero. Max Harrington.

Thirty Years to the date of the end of the Burden Coupe, tensions are beginning to rise once again between Humans and Burdens. Try to keep the peace as you Investigate the group responsible, and learn of their true motives.

Home Page

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